Friday, February 5, 2010


I happen to see this design of salwar kameez from my friends daughter's dress collections.
Its a bit different as the belt of the salwar has a side design or a design patch which will be visible with the kameez on top of the kameez has a curve side cut.  It really looks pretty. 
I hope the pictures will explain a lot what i am trying to say...

the salwar belt having the design stitch at the side

a close up of the design

the photo showing the curve side cut of the kameez.

a close up.
another close up.
the top design of the kameez.


shilpa said...

Thanks a lot learnt many things.can you please tell me how to cut patiyala pant.

stitched salwar kameez said...

hi, very nice ellaboration of salwar kameez stitching.

latest designer churidar suits said...

Nice blog....thanks for sharing