Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This frock pattern is for 1- 3 years old.
First cut the top back and front with the measurement as in the diagram. The full shoulder length is 10inch, and the length is 11inch. The diagram shows the folded cloth and the cutting,
The difference is only for the measurement of back and front neck. You can cut the arms together for the top and then separate the back and front cloth and cut the back neck – 2inch and front neck – 3icnh.
Note: the yellow on the waist side is half inch cutting to give the shape to the dress.

When you finish cutting the front and the back part of the top.Take the front part of the top and cut the front arm as shown in the below diagram [blue colour]. 
Note: it must not be very deep just 1cm i.e. half inch, and for the beginners you can just let the front and back arm cutting be the same.

After doing this you have to take the contract cloth of the same measurement of the front top and mark it as shown in the below diagram [pink colour]  
Note: the space between is half inch, written in red. The contrast cloth has to be two piece or you can take the lining for the inside clothing.

You have to stitch this first and invert i.e. pull inside out and stitch it on the front top. The green line shows where you have to stitch in the next diagram.

When you finish this attach this to the front top on the top side and on the sides shown in red color.

Finish of making the neck and keep it aside.

Take the back top part; you have to cut it from the center to put the zip or hugs. You can cut till the half length of the back or full as in the diagram.

First finish off putting the zip or the patti for the hugs, then make the neck. When finished, stitch the both the shoulder of the top together. Keep it aside.

Now cut the umbrella sleeves for the dress
Finish the sleeves with zigzag or piping for the outer part and stitch it to the finish top part of the dress which you had earlier kept aside.
Stitch the sides of the top if you have taken the bottom of one full length.

Now let me show you the bottom cutting which is very easy. You have to take two cloth pieces; one the main fabric and other the lining.
The length of the main bottom fabric can be taken to the length of your desire, the more length the more balloony the frock will be.
Note: but the inside lining must be of length just 10 inch more then front waist length.
The bottom can be of back and front part cutting or just one full length and joint only at the one side.
Given below is the diagram for bottom cutting of the balloon frock. Cut two piece of fabric and two of lining for back and front. Bottom outside means the main fabric and bottom inside means the lining.

Now after you finish the bottom cutting.
First make lose frill with machine or needle on both the sides of the main fabric. Pull it to the exact length of the waist and stitch it to the waist.
The other side you have to pull till the exact length of the inner lining and stitch it to the lining.
After this you have to stitch the both sides of the frock. Then take the lining side and stitch it to the waist of the frock. And when you have finished this your balloon frock is ready.

Note: after you have finish making the dress email the photo of your dress so that I can display it in my blog…..and if there’s anything you didn’t understand in my tutorial do email me and I will make it more simpler for you.
Thankyou …………and best of luck in your stitching.

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Thanks for the stylish balloon frock.I love to make my daughter wear this style with leggings or jeans.